Lawn cutting tips – with Tony

You may not think it, but autumn is a perfect time to strengthen your lawn and get it ready for the cold months ahead.

If you are having a problem with moss, now is the time to get stuck in and get rid of it. If you leave it to grow, the moss will soon take over your grass and by next year you might have real difficulties in getting that prized lawn back in shape.

The best way to start is by using a watering can to cover the area with a fluid moss killer or by spreading anti-moss granules. If the treatment works, the moss should normally have turned black in approximately a fortnight.

Once this happens, give the black moss a strong raking. If you end up with any bare patches of soil, simply scatter some lawn seed and sow these areas.

The moss killer will sort out your existing problems, but have a check around your garden to see if there are any areas of shade or poor drainage that may be providing perfect conditions for the moss to grow. Try to aerate your lawn and remove any overhanging branches that may be causing this dampness and shade.

Keep your lawn clear from leaves, weeds and other debris that can stop the grass getting enough ventilation. These items create cover and establish the ideal environment for lawn diseases to prosper. Simply remove them and throw them on your compost heap.

Once these items have been removed (and keep removing them) it is now time to give the lawn an autumn feed. Whatever you do, do not use spring feeds as they
are too high in nitrogen for the time of year. Make sure you use a good quality autumn feed; we have a wide selection at the Honiton Garden Centre.

Follow these tips and your lawn should be in great shape for 2013, no matter what the winter throws at it!

Happy Gardening!